About is one of the world’s leading companies in the Contextual Advertising space that provides a wide range of advertising and traffic monetization solutions. Since its founding, has constantly broken new ground in building innovative contextual advertising solutions.. We serve our contextual real-time ads customized for each visitor and each page view across billions of visitors, across 10’s of millions sites/domains on a server infrastructure that runs 1000+ CPUs, terabytes of RAM, and 100’s of pentabytes of data.

With more than 1000+ employees, has one of the largest teams worldwide building a global contextual advertising business. By market cap, is one of the Top 5 largest ad tech companies worldwide. By revenue, is the #2 largest contextual advertising businesses worldwide. is acquired by Chinese Consortium for $900 Million USD in 3rd Largest Ad Tech deal ever and this acquisition will fuel’s global expansion strategy and provide access to China’s world-class talent and capital markets.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Grasp big ideas and be able to make unique selling propositions of a given product and offer clear and compelling content in fresh and original ways
  • Work closely with the business development & marketing team, understand their brief and create copies that are clear, compelling and effective while maintaining brand integrity and meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Work with internal teams as well as outside vendors, printers, producers and others and maintain liaison with those outside sources to proof and correct the resulting product
  • Gather necessary research and other information (e.g., statistics, pricing information, technical specifications, competitive information, etc.) needed to complete a piece
  • Take strategic and tactical input from marketing and business development teams to understand the goals, strategy, offers, terms and conditions and specifications of a given piece
  • Work with the team and ideate for campaigns and assure timely delivery of copy
  • Deal with details accurately such as the complex terms and conditions of the online business
  • Create copy templates for ongoing use in external and internal communication (solicitation, email, website)
  • Work closely with the creative team to see how content can be best represented visually
  • Proactively evaluate existing copy and creative production to assure it is timely, accurate, and fresh
  • Track and measure engagement levels and/or conversions received via each copy and consistently work towards achieving more results

Key Requirements:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree in mass media/ advertising/ communications/ journalism/ marketing/Liberal Arts
  • 1-3 years of copywriting experience (samples required) with advertising agency or in-house advertising department, preferably with extensive digital media copywriting background. Experience in a variety of media is a plus, e.g., print, broadcast, direct mail, electronic / interactive media, collateral, etc
  • Be highly creative and imaginative, and curious about clients’ products or services
  • Maintain interest in commerce, new advertising/marketing trends and techniques and competitor activities and successful campaigns in the market
  • Be skilled in writing clear, concise and grammatically correct copy
  • Be versatile as he or she may be called upon to work in a variety of media, voices and formats
  • Understand the different language styles that appeal to various target markets
  • Be able to work under pressure and manage workload effectively

Benefits & Perks

At Media.Net people love their jobs, and not just because we offer the most competitive salaries in the industry. Our excellent benefits include everything from great medical and life insurance to catered meals. Our workspaces are comfortable and fun, complete with bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, and all the snacks you can eat. We have no dress code (tee-shirts are a-ok!). We have flexible work hours and flexible holidays, which means that teams pick their own work hours. Media.Net has its own concierge desk that doubles up as a travel agency.

We are passionate about building the next generation of web products, and we believe that happy employees are the key to achieving this goal. If you like the idea of working in an exciting workspace on cutting-edge internet products that make a truly global impact (and wearing flip-flops to work), then we want to get to know you!