Lead – Software Development Engineer

About Media.Net

Media.net serves billions of digital ad impressions globally on a daily basis and we are committed to providing a top-notch experience to our customers for all kinds of digital ads like Banner ads, Search ads, different kinds of Video ads, Native ads, Audio ads, etc. AdExchange team is responsible for developing a highly scalable, low latency distributed real-time digital ads marketplace that handles hundreds of billions of transactions daily. This product is present across the globe with major Data Centres across, the US, EUROPE, and APAC.

The team is responsible for making sure that the product is designed in the most efficient fashion in
terms of infrastructure and latency. We handle multi-hundred Million dollars of floating revenue
annually and this business is growing at a very fast pace year on year. An ideal team member would be the one who is fascinated with the scale, wants to work on complex problems, build large-scale distributed systems, wants to make the system more optimized and intelligent, and
can own the complete product or parts of the product.

Why you should join us?

  • If you are looking for handling a large-scale digital ads marketplace, which handles 100+ Billion incoming requests (~2 million QPS at peak time) and 400+ Billion outbound requests every day. The scale is reaching new heights with every passing week.
  • If you want to work on global products spanned across the globe in 7 data centers. You
    would have the opportunity to work on both multi-cloud and CoLocation environments.
  • If you want to work on low latency, high throughput, highly available large-scale distributed systems. Our median latency is ~50ms.
  • If you want to handle large-scale infra. At peak time we run around 1500+ servers only for our ad serving infrastructure.
  • If you want to build systems, which can execute tens of millions of rules in the sub-millisecond time dimension.
  • If you want to take ownership of the systems at any level of experience.
  • If you want to work on complex systems, which are capable of intelligently processing and
    making relevant decisions on over 1000TBs of data every day.
  • If you want to contribute to a business growing at a rate of 1.5x-2x YoY.
  • Apart from working on complex algorithms and distributed systems, the team uses technologies like AeroSpike, Redis, MySql, Kubernetes, Dockers, Kafka, etc.

Who should apply for this role?

  • Engineering Bachelor/ Masters in Computer Science, or equivalent.
  • 6+ years of experience in planning, designing, developing, and delivering software.
  • Good grasp of programming fundamentals including OOP, Design Patterns, and Data Structures.
  • Can design globally distributed, highly scalable systems with 99.99% 6 NINEs uptime.
  • Can write bug-free, production-quality code in any Low-Level programming language preferably JAVA.
  • Excellent analytical, mathematical, logical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Good knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Have excellent low-level design skills.
  • Knowledge of high volume, low latency, Multi-threaded, large-scale distributed systems.
  • Ability to understand business requirements and take ownership of the product.
  • Exhibit passion and enthusiasm for building, extending, and maintaining large-scale platforms.

Benefits & Perks

At Media.Net people love their jobs, and not just because we offer the most competitive salaries in the industry. Our excellent benefits include everything from great medical and life insurance to catered meals. Our workspaces are comfortable and fun, complete with bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, and all the snacks you can eat. We have no dress code (tee-shirts are a-ok!). We have flexible work hours and flexible holidays, which means that teams pick their own work hours. Media.Net has its own concierge desk that doubles up as a travel agency.

We are passionate about building the next generation of web products, and we believe that happy employees are the key to achieving this goal. If you like the idea of working in an exciting workspace on cutting-edge internet products that make a truly global impact (and wearing flip-flops to work), then we want to get to know you!